The World That Changes The World : How Philanthropy, innovation and entrepreneurship are transforming the social ecosystem
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0 Introduction
Navigating the Social Ecosystem
The Editors

1 The Social Ecosystem
Transitions within the Ecosystem of Change
Willie Cheng
Chairman, Lien Centre for Social Innovation


2 Unmet Social Needs
Scanning the World’s Social Issues
Tan Chi Chiu
Consultant and Managing Director,
Gastroenterology & Medicine International

3 Charity Definition
Different Kinds of Kindness
Sharifah Mohamed
Manager, Lien Centre for Social Innovation

Social Purpose Entities

4 Charities
No Charity for Charities
Gerard Ee
Chairman, Council for Third Age


Social Enterprises
Fulfilling the Promise of Social Enterprise
Jon Huggett
Visiting Fellow, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship,
Oxford University

6 Social Entrepreneurship
Of Pattern Changers and Changemakers
Chris Cusano
Change Leader, ASEAN, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

Capacity Builders

7 Capacity Builders
Making Value Visible
Sara Olsen
Founder, SVT Group

8 Philanthropy
Powering Philanthropic Passions
Thomas Menkhoff
Practice Associate Professor, Singapore Management University

9 Venture Philanthropy
Venturing into Entrepreneurial Philanthropy
Rob John
Advisor, Asia Venture Philanthropy Network


10 Donor Management
Closing the Funding Gap
Paulette Maehara
President and CEO, Association of Fundraising Professionals

11 Volunteerism
Matching the Supply and Demand of Volunteers
Laurence Lien
CEO, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

12 Corporate Social Responsibility
Toward Moral Capitalism
Stephen Young
Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table

13 Media
Amplifying the Social Beat
Alan Webber
Founder, Fast Company


14 Government
Affirmative Government for Social Good
Peter Shergold
Macquarie Group Foundation Professor, Centre for Social Impact

15 Regulator
Love, Law, and the Regulator
Stephen Lloyd
Senior Partner, Bates Wells & Braithwaite

Change Enablers

16 Culture and Leadership
Transformative Leaders Wanted
Maximilian Martin
Chief Strategist, IJ Partners

17 Technology
Rebooting Technology for Society
Robert Chew
Chairman, Information Technology Standards Committee

18 Social Finance
Financing Change, Changing Finance
Jed Emerson
Founder, Blended Value Group

Macro Trends

19 Global Civil Society
Rallying for Real Change
Kumi Naidoo
Executive Director, Greenpeace International

20 Social Innovation
Stepping on the Accelerator of Social Change
Geoff Mulgan
Director, The Young Foundation

21 The Phoenix Economy
Agenda for a Sustainable Future
John Elkington
Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Volans Ventures

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Book Launch
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