The World That Changes The World : How Philanthropy, innovation and entrepreneurship are transforming the social ecosystem
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good paper

Singapore - January 2011
The really big dictionary...recommended for planners, strategists...

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the nation

Thailand - January 2011
...a comprehensive guide...

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the star

Malaysia - December 2010
Volume offers inspiration, ideas and opportunity for action...

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china daily

China - November 2010
Book offers powerful insights into the new social ecosystem...

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smart investor

Malaysia - November 2010
The book will be an important one-stop guide for observers.

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korea times

Korea - October 2010
The authors examine new ways, practices and possibilities of the social ecosystem.

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News & Updates

Book Launch
on 16 September 2010 at the global Social Innovation Exchange annual conference “SIX And The City” held at SMU, Singapore. Read more...


If there is an X PRIZE for collaborative thought leadership of the social ecosystem, this book would get it. Read more...

Peter Diamandis
Chairman & CEO,
X PRIZE Foundation

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