The World That Changes The World : How Philanthropy, innovation and entrepreneurship are transforming the social ecosystem
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The World that Changes the World is more than just a book. It has been and seeks to continue to be a collaborative platform where ideas meet, meander, and hopefully metamorphize into something more meaningful and progressive for its readers and participants.

The book blog seeks to continue the exchange among the authors and with readers. The book blog will capture the evolving perspectives and further insights of the 21 authors - not just on their individual topic areas but also on all aspects of the social ecosystem. It will also provide the opportunity for readers to share their feedback and views.

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Willie Cheng

Robert Chew

Chris Cusano

Gerard Ee

John Elkington

Jed Emerson

Jon Huggett

Rob John

Laurence Lien

Stephen Lloyd

Paulette Maehara

Maximilian Martin

Thomas Menkhoff

Sharifah Mohamed

Geoff Mulgan

Kumi Naidoo

Sara Olsen

Peter Shergold

Tan Chi Chiu

Alan Webber

Stephen Young
Social ecosystem

Unmet Social Needs


Social Enterprise

Social Entrepreneurship

Capacity Builders


Venture Philanthropy

Donor Management






Culture & Leadership


Social Finance

Global Civil Society

Social Innovation

The Phoenix Economy


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Book Launch
on 16 September 2010 at the global Social Innovation Exchange annual conference “SIX And The City” held at SMU, Singapore. Read more...


If there is an X PRIZE for collaborative thought leadership of the social ecosystem, this book would get it. Read more...

Peter Diamandis
Chairman & CEO,
X PRIZE Foundation

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